"Whether you are looking for more power, cleaner emissions, Diesel particulate filter (DPF) delete or better fuel economy, optimise your engine with Tuned2Race’s performance chip tuning. Our skilled engine diagnostics team leave little to chance, taking into account a number of factors ranging from climate, to the fuel’s octane component to any/all ‘bolt-on’ modifications, all whilst running in-depth tests to ensure that our clients get the very most out of their engines.

Beyond that we pride ourselves on providing safe and reliable engine remapping services for both petrol and diesel engines. Whether tuning for performance or economy, we at HM Auto together with T2R are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service."

Depending on your vehicles' modifications we can assist you with Stage 1+ and up. ECU Remapping flashes, DTE Plug 'n Play Units, Pedalbox Controller for faster response are available at HM Auto. 




- Downpipe / Full performance exhaust pipes
- Turbo Upgrades
- Induction Kits
- Full carbon intake / Normal intake
- Exhaust manifold and flanges
- Dump valves
- And so much more



- HM Auto has an All-Wheel-Drive Dyno so any car is welcome.
- Dyno Runs include a before and after run PLUS a printout of the graph.
- Dyno Runs available from R200* 

Every year HM Auto hosts a few dyno events. This is a great get together to see who's car is the strongest on the dyno. The dyno is frequently calibrated so the figures will be 99.9% on spec. Keep up to date when the next dyno event will be held on our HM Racing Facebook page.